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Pickeridge Pork

Free-range, happy, healthy Saddleback pigs


Available: 18th June and 2nd July


To reserve your meat box:


Contact Rachel Milliken

07985 192128 or

Quarter pig box: £85

Approx. 10kg


  • 1 half leg family-sized joint

  • 1 half shoulder joint

  • 1 half belly joint

  • 4-5 bags of chops (2 per bag)

  • 3 bags of sausages (6 per bag)

Half pig box: £160

Approx. 20kg


  • 2 half leg family-size joints

  • 2 half shoulder joints

  • 2 half belly joints

  • 8-10 bags of chops (2 per bag)

  • 6 bags of sausages (6 per bag)


Sausage only box: £25 +

£5 per bag of 6 sausages (minimum order 5 bags)

Please note: Sausages contain wheat (gluten), seasoning mix, and preservative (sulphur dioxide). Allergens in red.


The Pigs


We bought our first pigs – two female crossed Saddlebacks called Dusty and Daisy – in September 2017, mainly with the intention of using them to clear some of the brush/reeds from a lower field. 


Once we bought a male, Doug (a pure registered Saddleback) in March 2018, one thing led to another, and before we knew it we were breeding piglets.  In March 2018 we also bought another female, Delilah (a pure Saddleback), so now we had three breeding sows. 

Our pigs live in large outdoor field, and sometimes in woodland enclosures, where they are able to forage.  The females proved to be excellent mothers, and all our pigs are very friendly, enjoying back-scratches and mudbaths!

We have a few crab apple trees alongside the wood, and they love the apples. Also, when there is a 'mast' year (when the oak trees produce massive quantities of acorns), they enjoy them.

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