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Pickeridge Lambs



We expect that 1/2 sheep boxes will be available later in the year


Pickeridge Sheep


In 2018 we bought 8 shearlings at the Dolphin Fair in Ardingly, who were a cross between Suffolk and Texel. In 2019, with a Texel ram, 12 lambs were born without too much assistance. We have since bought several more, including Jacobs, and some that were born on Pickeridge Farm. Currently we have 50 pregnant ewes, almost ready for lambing!


Managing the sheep


Never having looked after sheep, it was helpful to have assistance from Joe, who was previously grazing in our fields, and also the Haynes Sheep Manual (not a car)! Not just lambing, which calls for late nights and early mornings, plus occasional complications, but also for medicines. Injections, worms, fly strike and lame feet. But looking after them (and their lambs) gives great pleasure. 

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